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Sage X3 People HR Solutions

Sage X3 People is a web-based payroll and HR system that looks after the entire employee life cycle. Find out more about our HR solutions.

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Sage X3 People can be described as a comprehensive human capital management platform that allows you to manage the entire employee life cycle, from onboarding and training – to upskilling and disciplinary. It integrates seamlessly with Sage X3 to form an end-to-end solution.

benefits of Sage X3 People:

  • Fully web-based, mobile-responsive HR solution: employees and line managers have access to a central HR repository to collaborate. Sage X3 People enables HR to move away from a management system to an engagement system.

  • Integrated intelligence: by integrating seamlessly with Sage X3, Sage X3 People informs and supports all other departments within the enterprise.

  • Accurate budgeting and forecasting: keep up-to-date employee records including leave schedules, KPIs, work hours and absenteeism with drill-through capabilities.

  • Automated payroll and reporting: automatically calculate tax and statutory deductions and export auto-generated reports on demand. Now HR can spend less time managing employees and more time growing them.

  • Fit for running a global enterprise: Sage X3 People supports multi-company, multi-site, multi-language intercompany processes.

  • Improve compliance: Sage X3 People offers a range of risk management services like credit checks from multiple credit bureaus and business registration verifications from the CIPC.

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Your ultimate human resource management tool.